Comic and edition 2020 - 2023

Heteroclite la Presse

I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Hétéroclite team (Fr). I created every 2 months a 1 page comic about the LGBTQIA+ questions and some illustrations for the magazine.

Paintings for Open and out - 2021, 2022


The work group Open & Out from J&J decided to publish an inclusive book for the internal company. The purpose was to explain the LGBTQIA+ terms. I illustrated the book with 30 personal paintings. Then they sold the artworks and gave the money to an LGBTQIA+ association.
It has been an amazing project! Very happy to have been part of it.

Mural - 2022

Barry Callebaut

Creation of the mural.

Illustration for the book "Focus in the Age of Distraction" - 2016


Digital paintings and drawings.

Handmade Illustrations

Isabelle Valera

Traditional paintings and drawings