Exhibition - June 2022

last words from
the periphery II

opening time:
4.06 2022 vernissage 14h-22h
5-9.06 2022 14h-18h
10.06 2022 14h-20h
11.06 2022 14h-22h
12.06 2022 finissage 14h-18h

other times upon request | info@theoff.space

curated by rocco a. de filippo and olena iegorova

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Werkerei – Luegislandstrasse 105
8051 Zürich (old Boesner)

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Isabelle Valera

“They dig inside us and they find lava”, organic paintings

Based on the words of Paul Celan's poetry ‘Il y avait de la terre en eux et ils creusaient’ (“Es war Erde in ihnen, Die Niemandsrose”, 1963), They dig inside us explores through the material the possibility that a ceaseless fire burns within each of us and is just waiting to emerge. Dark and compact, organic, at once a reference to outdoor construction sites and our own personal inner search, the artwork stands before us like a granite. Yet, when illuminated in transparency, the painting reveals a new aspect of us: alive, luminous, incandescent.

Celan's poetry asks the question: "Can we write poetry after Auschwitz?” Can we continue our lives, while others are trying to survive or dying under the bombs? A current question, as a frightening echo to the situations of conflict and war in our contemporary world.

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